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Solid structures must be based on reliable foundations. Here at Warbud we know it very well. We want to be the rock on which to build a better life for all the people under our care. That is why for many years we have been focussing our activities on strong foundations constituting a basis for a change - now and in the future.


Education and culture
We invest in the future
We cannot expect a good future without wise education. Therefore, we spare no resources to support schools and a variety of educational initiatives. We believe that by contributing to the development of science and culture, by awakening sensitivity to beauty and art we will build a happier world - for us and the future generations.


Health and rehabilitation
We invest in goodness
Illness and disability may affect anyone. Coping with them is, however, often a lonely struggle – a struggle for your own health or of your loved ones, for money to pay for medical care or for a possibly comfortable life. Our foundation wants to support such brave people - both financially and mentally.

Social assistance
We invest in equality
We all deserve an equal start. Therefore, our foundation supports the poorest, orphans and excluded persons who have found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of various misfortunes or chains of unhappy events. We are sure that there is no situation without a solution, so we have been doing our best to help others see the light in the tunnel.


Other activities
We invest without divisions
Help cannot be put into a rigid frame. We just try to be everywhere where we are needed. We support victims of catastrophes and natural disasters. We subsidize and engage in actions focussing on environmental issues. We sponsor sports initiatives and encourage everyone to live active lives. We simply do our job - we are attentive and open to the needs of others.

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