Fundacja "Warbud - Warto pomagać" jest Organizacją Pożytku Publicznego.

Numer KRS 0000313177
Societe Generale SA Oddział w Polsce
79 1840 0007 2213 3720 0810 1319

Dokumenty Fundacji:

Warbud Foundation

What We Do

We regularly support activities in the areas of social assistance, health, education, culture, sports, public safety, help to disaster victims and protection of natural environment.
Please look through the pages below to find out in what events we have participated.

Education and culture

We are aware of the fact that various skills are best developed in young people and therefore we do our best to provide money and support for all types of schools and actions intended to support the young - who will probably work for us in the future.

Health and rehabilitation

Illnesses and disabilities always worsen a family's material status. They require spending of money on therapies and rehabilitation and shrink family budgets as a result of limitations of professional activities of the parents or carers.
Therefore we support persons who fight with their illnesses to make them aware that they are not alone in their efforts.

Social assistance

Our priority in that area is to give help to the poorest, to orphans and persons who have found themselves in a difficult position as a result of various misfortunes or chains of unhappy events. We strongly believe that there are no dead-end situations and do our best to help those people to see a light in the tunnel.


The other activities of the Foundation concentrate first of all on providing financial support to victims of catastrophes and natural disasters. We also sponsor seminars, films and fests aimed at environmental issues.
We also support sports initiatives which aim at giving incentives to the young to develop their strength, systematic approach to hard works as well as partner fair-play attitudes.


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