Warbud - a Reliable Employer

Warbud SA has several times been awarded with the emblem 'Investor in Human Capital' - a prestigious prize awarded to best Polish employers and has won the title 'Reliable Employer of the Year' in the period from 2013 to 2018.


Both certification programs have a strong position and a high importance for the human resources management sector. Obtaining a certificate means that the rewarded company maintains a deliberate human resources policy and strongly concentrates on developing the competencies of their employees and improves its human resources strategies. It constitutes a confirmation of the quality of the human resources management system and high HR standards.


Strict assessment criteria, meticulous analyses and research carried out by independent experts. The firm was examined by independent experts analysing the development of personnel, responsible and transparent personnel policy and activities related to building a knowledge-based organisation. We are really proud of the effects. The measure of success is not only the fact that the firm has obtained the certificates, but also that it has been maintaining them in subsequent years.


That is why Warbud, motivated by the awards, wants to become even more involved in maintaining its chosen course in its employment policy. We do care about our employees and provide them with comfortable work atmosphere, a stable and friendly harbour enhancing their professional and personal development. We think forward, we invest in shaping competences and motivation of our staff - the two aspects which are decisive for a company position and working to achieve common and ambitious goals.

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