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  • 1995
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  • Year 1989

    Wlodzimierz Wlodarczyk's private construction firm Prywatne Przedsiębiorstwo WARBUD begins operating.

    Włodzimierz Włodarczyk, born 6 August 1954 in Warsaw. Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. He founded and led the company Warbud one of the largest construction companies in Poland. Awarded including Honorary Statuette Promotion Program for Enterprise Development, Best Manager and the badge "For contributions to the construction industry."


    Professional experience:

    • In 1978-1985 began working for the Zelbet industrial construction firm in Warsaw, in posts ranging from coordinator of building work on the Massey Ferguson plant in Warsaw, to site manager.
    • 1985-1986 Seconded to Budimex as manager of road and earth works on the Adamiyah Bridge contract in Baghdad (Iraq).
    • From 1987 to 1989 worked as Multi-Site Manager for WPBP Zelbet.
    • From 1989-1992 he was the founder and owner of the private building firm PP Warbud.
    • After the completion of Hotel Mercure in Warsaw (1993-1997), together with the French company CBC (now Vinci Construction) he created the company Warbud SA, becoming its Director General.
    • In 1997-2001 he acted as CEO and Director General of Warbud SA.
    • For the next three years he chaired the company's Supervisory Board, and since 1 January 2005 he has again held the post of CEO.
    • On 29 February 2016 he resigned from the post of CEO.

    Awards include:

    • A gold "Leader of Polish Business" trophy in 1999.
    • The title "Employer of the Year 2005" in the Construction Industry awarded by PZPB - Polish Association of Builider Employers.
    • The title "Best Manager of the Year 2006" in the largest contruction company category and Member of General Meeting of Managers of the Polish Economy awarded by the monthly Home&Market.
    • Badge of Honour "For Merits to the Building Industry" awarded by the Ministry of Construction for outstanding achievement in the building sector.
    • Dr Henryk Jordan Medal awarded by the Children's Friends Association for his contribution and assistance in the development of health care and recreation for children and the youth.
    • Statuette of Honour of the Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion Program in 2010.
  • Year 1991

    PP WARBUD signs first large contract, for the basic sturcture of the Hotel Mercure in Warsaw.

  • Year 1992

    PP WARBUD is transformed into a joint stock company in association with the French Construction giant CBC (now VINCI Construction, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group).

  • Year 1993-1994

    The new company Warbud SA erects many prestigious buildings in Warsaw (e.g. the Atrium Business Centre) and signs its first contracts as a general contractor (e.g. an office building for Elektrim SA).

  • Year 1995

    Warbud becomes the general contractor for a residential estate at ul. Racławicka in Warsaw and enters the residential construction sector.

  • Year 1997

    Warbud SA tenders successfully for the contract to build station A-15 (Ratusz) for the Warsaw Metro, its first civil engineering project.

  • Year 1998

    The company begins erecting commercial buildings: signing a contract to build the basic structure of the Galeria Mokotów mall. In just a few years Warbud SA will find itself at the top of rankings of constructors of such buildings, including Poland's largest and best-known retail centres. Overall the company has built commercial sites with a total area of more than 1,500,000 m2.

  • Year 1999

    Warbud SA takes part in the construction of a cable-stayed bridge for the first time, with the building of Swietokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw. The experience gained brought benefits in the execution of further civil engineering projects, including: Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw, the Bridge of the Third Millenium in Gdansk, the Obornicka road bridge in Poznan and Czerniakowska Junction in Warsaw.

  • Year 2000-2002

    The company grows intensively. It operates in the whole territory of Poland thanks to its branches in Białystok, Lublin, Poznań, Gdansk and Krakow.

  • Year 2004

    The Company's organisational structure is adapted to nationwide operation. Contract execution units are now the Specialist Construction Division coordinating major development projects in Poland as well as 5 branches with offices in Warsaw, Poznan, Tri-City, Lublin and Krakow. In 2004 the Firm also obtains its first environmental contracts.

  • Year 2005

    The company works on its first military, road-building and special-use projects. The organizational structure is further revised. Separate Specialist Construction, Environmental Construction and Civil Engineering Divisions (DBS, DBE and DBI) and Regions: Centre, North, West, South and East are formed.

  • Year 2006-2007

    The company expands its range of services still further, with the construction of power engineering and hydraulic engineering projects.

  • Year 2009

    Formation of an organizational unit responsible for public-private partnership projects.

  • Year 2010

    Formation of the company Warbud SKE FM whose task is to manage, operate and provide technical maintenance services for various facilities.
    Hydrotechnical Construction and Public Procurement Divisions are formed.

  • Year 2012

    It is the year of jubilee. In the 20-year-old business use Warbud gave the realization of more than 400 modern honored with numerous awards

  • Year 2015

    signing of a ground-breaking contract named “Construction of the New Seat of District Court in Nowy Sącz at Grunwaldzka St.” This is the first project in Poland implemented as a Private Funding Initiative in which a State Treasury unit is acting as the Public Partner.

  • Year 2017

    An anniversary of the company Warbud Spółka Akcyjna. We have been fascinated by building for 25 years now.

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